THE FINALS: No Mercy 4 – September 2013


Free Life Films give you a look into our archives from 2013. In this video we take a look back at the 2013 No Mercy 4 Finals at South Georgia Motorsports Park. The classes contested were Radial vs. the World, Outlaw Drag Radial, N/T Boost, Outlaw 275, X275, 2nd Chance X275, Leaf Spring, Ultimate Street and Outlaw 8.5.

Radial vs. the World – “THE” Kevin Mullins over Candido Sanchez
Outlaw Drag Radial – Chris Tuten over Tony Ridenour
Outlaw 275 – David “Little Evil” Pearson over Phil Hines
Ultimate Street – Walter Drakeford over Michael Sanders
Leaf Spring – Ron Rhodes Bye over Broke John McDonough
Outlaw 8.5 – Ryan “Toaster” Jones over Mike Fratena
2nd Chance X275 – Tim Knieriem over Jason Lawing
N/T Boosted – Erin Sheffer over Joey Rabiola

And that was our look back at the 2013 No Mercy 4 race from South Georgia Motorsports Park put on by Duck X Productions, with ALL the Footage pulled from the Official Event DVD available right here at Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for up-to-date videos and more throwback classics at and also LIKE us on Facebook at

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